Café Japon

A Japanese-style bakery and cafe, selling cakes and breads, as well as fluffy Japanese cheesecakes baked on site, and a variety of Japanese teas and coffee drinks.


Warm rice bowls and curry served with freshly made toppings such as katsus, various tempuras, and meats.


Satisfying bowls of udon and soba prepared with fresh noodles that are made on site for the perfect bite and a range of toppings such as meat and vegetable tempuras.


Fresh, daily-made bentos and onigiris prepared with your selection of high-quality rice from various prefectures in Japan, with a personalized “choose your own toppings” miso soup station.


Japanese comfort foods such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and taiyaki that provide a taste for what the locals eat on the streets of bustling cities like Tokyo.


Delicious Japanese appetizers and fried foods, from a wide array of vegetable and seafood tempuras and meat cutlets to freshly-made Japanese salads- all available for takeout.


Ramen shop from the East Village serving up authentic bowls of ramen

Mika N’ Momo

Healthy juices and salads made to order with fresh and unique ingredients

Menu coming soon!

Sushi Uesugi

– Soft Opening –

Fresh sushi carefully made to order and served in an intimate bar setting



Casual bar offering a wide selection of refreshing Japanese beers and sakes.

Brooklyn Steak and Lobster

Opening Soon!

Premium cuts of Japanese wagyu and washugyu beef and fresh lobster cooked on a flat teppan-style grill, served with a variety of Japanese condiments.

Menu coming soon!